Simple ways to earn money on PayPal from your home

By Andjela | Jun 30 2022

The wonder of a new age is a chance to make money without even moving from your home. So, are you looking for a way to earn money on PayPal? We got you!

Chances are you wonโ€™t even need to leave your home. Still interested? Read on and find some interesting and easy ways for gaining revenue.

9 Simple ways to earn money on PayPal

Choosing an easy way to earn money sometimes can be tricky. So, thatโ€™s why we created a handy list. Take a look at the following 9 money-making ideas and opt for those you like the most.

#1 Gain money while shopping

Did you know you can earn money on PayPal by shopping for groceries? Pretty cool, right? So, youโ€™ll have to:

  • Install Ibotta โ€“ a free app.
  • Open the app before shopping.
  • Choose stores youโ€™re going to shop at.
  • Browse for the open offers for a certain store.

This app has various products to offer, and they change frequently. Youโ€™ll just need to add the offers to your account. After that, you continue shopping like usual.

When done with your purchases, just scan the receipt and Ibotta will send you money. But, you will be able to transfer the money to PayPal when you reach min $20.

Note: You might find options to gain bonuses. This can be done by signing up or referring to a friend. Ibotta actually saves your money online while youโ€™re shopping.

#2 Earn as a transcriptionist

If you love transcription jobs, this may be an opportunity for you. You can transcribe audio recordings on sites such as TranscribeMe. Audio recordings are often from corporate, legal, or medical clients.

You can earn weekly payments that go up to $25 per audio hour. Having a certificate may help you to have a higher starting salary.

But, have in mind, youโ€™ll need to pass an exam before this work. That way you prove you have skills and proper style. You can check the transcription mini-course online and learn how to do this task.

#3 Start freelance writing

If you love writing and have a talent for it, freelance writing might be a good choice for you. You can write blog posts, white papers, B2C copywritingโ€ฆThere are many options. So, you can start writing and earn money on PayPal.

Also, numerous platforms give you an option to become a freelance writer. Some of them are Upwork and Fiverr.

But, have in mind that Fiverr takes 20% of your income. That means you wonโ€™t be able to keep all the money for your work. Plus, you must have in mind that not everyone hires on these platforms.

Itโ€™s good to know that you can write from every part of the world. So, you donโ€™t have to do it in English only. You must have a willingness and be gifted. This is also a great way to make money online as a college student.

#4 Shop with Rakuten and earn money on PayPal

In this situation, youโ€™ll need to spend money to earn some. Hereโ€™s how it works. First, youโ€™ll need to open a Rakuten account. After that, you will get a $10 cash bonus for your first purchase.

Rakuten offers you a chance to earn cash back by shopping at over 2,000 online stores. You will receive payments quarterly on your PayPal account. But, your reward balance needs to be at least $5.

If you would like to get paid the other way, thatโ€™s also possible. You can pick a โ€œBig Fat Checkโ€ option on your Rakuten account. Both of these payment options are completely free.

#5 Sell books you donโ€™t need

Keeping some old books you donโ€™t read anymore is unnecessary. If you need money, you can try to sell them on sites such as Bookscouter and ValoreBooks.

The second one is a buyback comparison site. It helps you find the best price for your books. These types of sites mainly focus on buying back some used college and textbooks.

But, you might find some buy-back options for other book types. Buyback services will often pay you with store credit and check. But they are also a great way to earn money on PayPal.

#6 Sell old DVDs to earn money on PayPal

If you have a large DVD collection sitting on a pile, there is an option. You can sell your DVDs and Blu-Rays on platforms such as Decluttr. You wonโ€™t need to pay for shipping, and they will send you money on PayPal.

So, take a look at how this works:

  • First, enter the barcode of DVDs you need to sell.
  • Decluttr will show you a buy number for every barcode.
  • After you get an offer, you can accept or reject it.
  • Accepted items will get a shipping label.

After that, you will need to box up your items and send them to Declutter. This platform will check if all items are as you described. If everything is in order, they will send you money on your PayPal account.

So, this way youโ€™ve made someone happy with your movie collection, and you earned a few bucks on the way. Sweet deal!

#7 How to earn money on PayPal with paid surveys?

Want to share your opinion regarding a product and earn money? You can do it easily by answering paid surveys.

Sites like MetroOpinion offer you an option to get your money with PayPal.

So, what are surveys exactly? They are game-like quizzes that you can answer and earn money.

Here is more info about surveys:

  • You will usually answer questions about some products.
  • Surveys donโ€™t take long to answer.
  • Besides money, you can earn gift cards as well.

Legit surveys should always be free to join, and they should provide you with all info.

Answering a survey is a way to provide various companies with valuable feedback. Many companies need to know if you like their products. So, they make simple questions for you to answer.

So, all you will need are a few minutes of your time to answer a survey. Plus, most survey sites send money to PayPal accounts.

#8 Try blogging

Itโ€™s good to know that many bloggers earn money on PayPal through affiliate deals. Have a passion for something? Love writing? Same as freelance writing, blogging offers freedom. Having a blog gives you a chance to be an affiliate.

For example, Amazon has great affiliate programs.

So, what does an affiliate program offer?

  • When a person coming from your blog buys on Amazon you earn a commission.
  • The commission rate is not the same for every field.
  • A person can buy a non-related thing to your blog โ€“ you will still gain revenue.

Itโ€™s good to know that many bloggers earn money on PayPal through affiliate deals. So, if you have new niche ideas, try out blogging. It might pay off.

#9 Be frugal with BeFrugal

Similar to Rakuten but with more retailers. BeFrugal offers you to opt from over 5,000 retailers. You can gain various coupons and deals. There is an option to earn up to 45% of your cashback. This app is also very simple.

You just need to:

  • Click on a coupon or โ€œshop nowโ€ sign and order.
  • After you finish your purchase, you gain money.
  • When the money reaches your account, PayPal pays you.

This app also offers some other payment options.

  • Gift card
  • Direct bank deposit
  • Check

So, if you like the idea of earning money by spending some, try these kinds of apps. Just be sure youโ€™ve read the appโ€™s terms and conditions.

How does PayPal work?

PayPal works very simply. You just need to:

  • Add your bank account, credit card, or debit card details.
  • When paying with PayPal you opt for an account or card to pay with.

So, any payment you receive via PalPal waits on your PayPal account for you. You can use the account to pay for various things online.

If you need, you can withdraw the money to your card and pay in any non-online shop.

Who can earn money on PayPal?

PayPal is an online payment method that many people can use. Businesses can also opt for PayPal services. You can send money to anyone with an email associated with a PayPal account.

So, using this payment platform is very easy. Earning money with PayPal is safe and quick. Thatโ€™s why so many people opt for this option.

Is PayPal available around the globe?

PayPal is currently ready in more than 200 regions and supports 25 currencies. This makes online transactions and works so much easier.

If your country doesnโ€™t have PayPal available, donโ€™t fret. This platform gains popularity each day. So, itโ€™s just a matter of time when it spreads everywhere.

The Bottom Line

Did you like these ways to earn money on PayPal? Some of them are so easy.

If you want to gain quick money, do some surveys. They are a really fast way to earn cash.

But, if you want something that needs more time and effort โ€“ try transcription or blogging. There are really so many ways to gain an income from your home. Of course, when you need to stretch up a bit and do some shopping โ€“ try Ibotta.

Earning with PayPal has never been easier when you have so many options.